Ottica Lelic


LELIC was born in 1994 in Teramo as a state-of-the-art project within the optical field.
A showroom developed on 3 levels: both unconventional and design brands, and niche products.

In 1997 it changed its image and turned into a container in which clothing and accessories are added to. First-rate labels of the likes of KARL LAGERFELD, J.P. GAULTIER, VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, FRANKIE MORELLO, AMK... are the leaders: a change that strongly and firmly helps us educating our taste in fashion.
In 2001 we opened a new shop in the strategic Piazzale Ceccherini, in Riccione: an intense work of public relations within the top settings, quickly turned the shop into one of the reference points of the showbiz of the Riviera.

Today, another restyling of the leading showroom changes the target: it switches from clothing to glasses only. LABELS and LUXURY become the new strengths in the main showroom, while a new project tops it all off: the opening of another shop in our city's main street and where we deeply want to work.
Two realities paradoxically close to one another: Luxury Brands and total services in the first one, new brands and emerging fashion designers in the other.

Never boring locations: colours, music and scents welcome the Customer to our lounges and advised on the best choice.

Selling with charm… is our working philosophy!